Fashion Never goes out of Style

A hit television show features some of the best fashion in Paris. Lead actress wears custom made style from the same designer who dressed the actress from the tv show cast in New York City in the late 1990’s.

There has been many comparisons of this modern day actress who looks like the hollywood star of the early 1960’s.

It shows that no matter how much time goes by fashion never goes out of style.

Second Chance at Love

In the news a popular celebrity entertainer reunites with her ex-fiance an actor. It was 20 years after breaking they both brokeup a relationship which showed their love to the world. Each person is famous, they have successful careers and are constantly in the media. The storyline is one that leaves the woman at the alter, without leading to the dream of marriage.

But it doesn’t end there, because what puts salt in the wound of the woman is when the man decides he no longer wants to be in the public eye and chooses to marry a different actress. So how does the actress after years of watching the man she loves marry and have children with someone else not feel hurt, pain and a feeling of rage?

She has her opportunity to finally get back with her ex, get him to propose and then have a public wedding. Can the relationship last? Why did the man decide he wanted to marry the actress all these years later? He has an ex-wife and they have 3 kids together, the ex-wife is also a famous actress.

Is this really love? can the famous singer forgive her ex for abandoning her 20 years ago. The singer is a mother from a previous marriage, and also has recently separated from a high-profile engagement with a sports star. The woman was in a serious 4 year relationship and was planning a wedding when suddenly she decided to leave that relationship for her ex.

The chance to get back with her ex-boyfriend from 20 years ago caused the singer to move from Miami to Los Angeles, changing her kids schools and moving to a new house.

You know who these celebrities are if you have been paying attention to the “second chance at love”. The singer decides to change her name as well as have the actors offspring through a surrogate.

Will it last? Does this second time around have a chance of succeeding, which is possible if the motive is accurate. It could be a power couple that can create interest in the media that will lead to prosperous sponsorships.